About Us

I'm Gold-Catching Cat

I'm a God. In charge of good luck and wealth. Worship me.

Hello! I'M Joey Pong

Hello, I'm Joey, the co-founder of this website. I live with my family and boyfriend in Shenzhen, China. It’s a beautiful young city full of energy.

I have been working on overseas markets for 5 years, always in the customize business until 2022 when I joined DIY industry. It makes me happy to meet so many people who share a passion for DIY crafts。

Hello! I'M Hanks Deng

I'm in charge of packing and shipping, we try to provide
excellent service and select the best charms for all of you. And I also do DIY phone case every now and then in LIVE.

Every customer is our precious friend. It means a lot to us that you trust us and place order. We want to do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction with our products and services.

Hey this is Connie!

I'm Connie, co-founder of CharmingDIY. As a DIY lover I've been doing DIY crafts and exploring different DIY ideas since I was a child. Before entering this industry, I've been served as an oversea sales for 4 years. It provides me a bigger horizon of international transaction.

We are a team that full of vitality, thoughts and laugters, and love to have new friends. With high-quality products, excellent custom servises and a sincere heart, our target is to be your repliable friends and allies(~iVi~)



Hello! I'M Jade Pong

I'M turning 1 year old in July. My job is to be good and happy. I am learning my way around people, I hope one day I can chat with you all in live.
Any nice people want to send cat food to me? I can wait.